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On Trip

JOOi collaborates only with curated and high-quality partners in culinary, indulgence, attraction, and many more

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JOOi Pass, Is it Worth it?

John, UK

A pretty good itinerary at a reasonable price. The bus could have been cleaner but otherwise, it went well. The narration of historic sites was thorough and clear. Worth the $135 we paid for sure

Hemp, Belgium

This is my second time using the 2 day JOOi Pass. It is worth every penny. It gives access to the most interesting Cultural attractions. There is a lot to do so it’s two days of early mornings and late nights to get everything done and to get your money’s worth. 

Simico, Serbia

JOOi Pass is definitely worth it if you make good use of it and want to see a lot. I got a three-days pass and saw all the things I had planned to see (at a cost-saving) plus more that I hadn’t because they were covered by the Pass.

JOOi Pass is developed and designed for independent travelers, with the purpose of making it easier to enjoy Bali for less. Less Money, Less Time, Less Hassle, Less Stress, but a More Enjoyable Experience with the seamless touring connection.